Jon Kay on July 4, 2011 Download (446.0KB) A couple of years ago, Ada Jones, who use to coordinate the Pioneer Village in Nashville, Indiana, told me she had a recording of her mother-in-law singing old songs and she wondered if I was interested in listening to it. “I am always interested in local music traditions!” I replied. She loaned […]

Continue reading about Musical Mildred Jones Download (48.8MB) An expert in early sound recordings, Patrick Feaster talks about his personal collection of home recordings captured on wax cylinders in this episode.  While many genealogists and local historians may have tracked down photographs of ancestors and others from the late Nineteenth Century, few would imagine that they might  hear the voice […]

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Jon Kay on December 29, 2010

Safeguarding your research data and having access to your materials when you need them are imperatives for anyone doing genealogical or historical research, which is why I use Dropbox to backup and sync my files to my various computers.  Offsite data storage helps prevent data loss from unforeseen issues such as theft and hardware failure. […]

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Jon Kay on December 28, 2010

I do hundreds of interviews. I try to get out a few times each month to talk to artists and keepers of traditions.  I have recorded family members and strangers, young folks and the elderly, the gregarious and the standoffish. I learn something new with every interview that I do. So, though I am an […]

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