Jon Kay on April 30, 2011

Here is the second installment of the fieldwork Guide that Anna and I put out last year. Would love to hear back from folks who are listening to it. In this Traditional Arts Indiana video, I  discuss  tips and suggestions for conducting  fieldwork interviews for the traditional arts. I try to explain how to  how […]

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Jon Kay on March 25, 2011 Download (35.7MB)   Folklorist Tim Tangherlini employs a research approach he calls, “computational folkloristics” which uses data-mining to reveal new information, once thought lost to the past. He deploys computers to plot, compare, store and assist in the analysis of data from various archival holdings from around the world. His method places historical individuals […]

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Jon Kay on December 28, 2010

I do hundreds of interviews. I try to get out a few times each month to talk to artists and keepers of traditions.  I have recorded family members and strangers, young folks and the elderly, the gregarious and the standoffish. I learn something new with every interview that I do. So, though I am an […]

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Jon Kay on December 27, 2010

In this post I share five digital tools that I use to edit and work with audio files, which I feel might be of interest to folks wanting to do oral interviews. I don’t use any of these tools to record interviews or my podcast, but I do use them to edit and work with […]

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