Artisan Ancestors Download (38.5MB) Look who is 30 episodes old! We are excited to reach this milestone, but are continuing to move forward at Artisan Ancestors. In this  episode we talk with the new Executive Director of the Alabama Folklife Association, Mary Allison Haynie, who has just released into the world a traveling exhibit that focuses […]

Continue reading about Episode 30: Alabama in the Making and the Alabama Folklife Association Download (32.2MB) A ton of information is embedded in historic photographs, especially when the images include artisans and handmade objects. In this episode of the Artisan Ancestors, I talk about my work identifying, organizing, and analyzing historic photograms. Focusing on my work with pictures of oak rod baskets from Southern Indiana,  I share how […]

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Jon Kay on November 23, 2011

Sorry that I have been offline for a while, I have really been on the move! I hope to start the podcast back up after the first of the year. I have have heard from several folks asking if everything is okay. Yes, I have just been really busy. Since my last podcast, I hosted […]

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Jon Kay on July 10, 2011

I need your help! Each month I am surprised and appreciative of number of listeners downloading the podcast. However, the program is not ranking in ITunes, which is important for taking the program to the next level. If you want to help: Log into iTunes and leave a positive listener rating. Also, subscribe to the […]

Continue reading about Help the Artisan Ancestors Podcast Download (27.1MB) An Emmy Award-winning archival image researcher, Rich Remsberg assists documentary film makers locate the necessary archival footage and still photos that they need to visually tell their stories.  From scouring collection at the National Archive to tracking down rare one of a kind materials held in personal and family collections, he prides […]

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Jon Kay on March 25, 2011 Download (35.7MB)   Folklorist Tim Tangherlini employs a research approach he calls, “computational folkloristics” which uses data-mining to reveal new information, once thought lost to the past. He deploys computers to plot, compare, store and assist in the analysis of data from various archival holdings from around the world. His method places historical individuals […]

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Jon Kay on January 26, 2011 Download (27.0MB) In this episode, I talk with Curt  Witcher, the Senior Manager for Special Collections at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His work includes leading The Genealogy Center, which is a world-class research center for family and local history research.In this interview, Curt and I discuss general research strategies […]

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Jon Kay on January 18, 2011 Download (28.1MB) In this episode we talk with Sherrie Davidson a quilt research, who recently completed her book, the [amazon_link id=”1551097680″ target=”_blank” ]Quilts of Prince Edward Island[/amazon_link]. We talk with her about the quilt survey and subsequent archival research she did to trace the origins and development of this traditional art. She shares how […]

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Jon Kay on December 30, 2010

I find pocket microscopes like the  Carson MM-200 Pocket Microscope to be a necessary tool in my work with historical photographs.  This inexpensive scope combined with the information and photo samples available at the, help me to identify historic photographic materials and processes. Being able to recognize a photographs support material, binding and surface […]

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Jon Kay on December 27, 2010

In this post I share five digital tools that I use to edit and work with audio files, which I feel might be of interest to folks wanting to do oral interviews. I don’t use any of these tools to record interviews or my podcast, but I do use them to edit and work with […]

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Jon Kay on August 20, 2010 Download (27.4MB) In this episode we meet with historical archaeologist Mike Strezewski and talk about his excavation of the Harmonist kiln site in New Harmony, Indiana. We will also meet with Tom Wintczak, a redware potter who made  plates, strainers and pitchers, inspired from the broken shards and pieces from the excavation site. We […]

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Jon Kay on July 25, 2010 Download (21.6MB) Welcome to the pilot episode of Artisan Ancestors. I think we have an interesting program for you today. In our feature segment,  I will be talking with Geoff Davis, a third generation ukulele player, and discuss how he discovered and researched Indiana’s lost history of ukulele building tradition. Also, in today’s program […]

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