Folk Art and Aging BookIt has been a while since my last post to the Artisan Ancestors Podcast website, but it has been a very busy year. Anyway, as of today, my book Folk Art and Aging:Life-Story Objects and Their Makers is officially out. The book is about the creative practices of older adults., and is published with Indiana University Press. It is part of a new series that they are producing with the Mathers Museum of World Cultures called Material Vernaculars, which is edited by Dr. Jason Baird Jackson, who is  has been a special guest for several of our podcasts.

Here is a bit more about the book and the artists about whom I write. Through the work of five elders living in Indiana, this book examines the ways elders contemplate, make, display, and narrate their life-story objects. Readers will come to know Bob Taylor a retired pattern-maker and memory carver; Gustav Potthoff, a painter and survivor of the death camps of Burma-Thailand; Marian Sykes, a rug maker and retired working-mother; John Schoolman, a prolific walking stick maker and hiker; and Milan Opacich, a Serbian-American instrument maker and storyteller. Each of these artists will teach us how their creative work assists them in making sense of their lives, connecting with others, forging a new identity in their later years, and making commentary of the changing world around them. 


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