I just finished making this video for the Indiana State Fair Master’s program. I was really inspired by Harold Stark’s story and his thoughts about making things as a memorial for those who taught him and shared information. If you go to the Indiana State Fair, please head over to the Pioneer Village and see Harold’s homemade steam engine. Also you can come to the the Masters Award Ceremony at the Home and Family Arts building on August 18, 2011 at 3pm. Should be a wonderful event. I hope you enjoy this piece!

For 31 years, Harold Stark has set up, demonstrated, and repaired farm equipment in the Pioneer Village at the Indiana State Fair. His interest in steam power grew out of watching his grandfather work a small 80-acre farm in Rush County. It was then that Harold first learned about working with and maintaining a steam engine. From plowing fields to powering buzz saws, steam was an exciting and important part of his youth. In 1979, he completed his half-scale steam engine, which he built as a memorial to his grandfather, uncles, and friends who fostered his lifelong interest in steam power.

Harold’s decades of service to the Fair were honored in 2010 by the State of Indiana with the Partner in Progress Award, but he stresses that he is proudest of his “work with some of the younger ones, helping to repair the equipment, so future generations can enjoy them for years to come.”

Produced by Traditional Arts Indiana • Videography by Jon Kay and Mark A. Corson • Editing by Jon Kay • Graphic design by Arle Lommel • Special thanks to: Cynthia Hoye, Indiana State Fair Executive Director • Roger Hale and Bobbi Bates, Indiana State Fair.

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