In this episode we talk with Sherrie Davidson a quilt research, who recently completed her book, the [amazon_link id=”1551097680″ target=”_blank” ]Quilts of Prince Edward Island[/amazon_link]. We talk with her about the quilt survey and subsequent archival research she did to trace the origins and development of this traditional art. She shares how she tracked down a maritime quilt from 1810, and chronicled the story of an artisan who was an early settler of this Canadian island.

  • Host: Jon Kay
  • Guest Sherrie Davidson
  • Music: Martin Simpson (

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5 Comments on Episode 8: The Quilts of Prince Edward Island

  1. Sheila says:

    Hey Jon, I cannot hear anything going on. Is this airing at a specific time today? I would love to hear it, let me know what I need to do.

  2. Jon Kay says:

    Sorry about that Shelia, It is up and running now. I hope you enjoy it and thanks so much for listening to it! I hope all is well,

  3. Joanne Rodgers says:

    Once again, Jon, another great podcast! Thank you!

  4. Jon Kay says:

    Thanks Joanne. I just keep looking up folks I want to talk to. Thanks for listening and giving feedback. I never know who (if anyone) is listening.

  5. ShirinB says:

    Great podcast! Sherrie’s story of her research into the PEI quilt tradition is inspiring. Always dreamed of going to PEI since reading the “Anne of Green Gables” books as a girl.

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