dropboxSafeguarding your research data and having access to your materials when you need them are imperatives for anyone doing genealogical or historical research, which is why I use Dropbox to backup and sync my files to my various computers.  Offsite data storage helps prevent data loss from unforeseen issues such as theft and hardware failure. The best part of using Dropbox is that they give you 2 Gigs of storage for free, and they currently offer additional storage space when you refer others to use their service. I currently have 16 gigs of space to store audio, photographs and text files that I am processing. This means I can have access to my data, anyplace I have an internet connection.

In additional to the benefits of offsite storage, Dropbox allows you to share your files and folders with others. So it provides easy data transfer to family and friend. Say you have digitized several photographs or have an oral history recording you want to share with someone. Just invite them to share your folder and they can access whatever you put in that folder. This is also useful for those of you like me and do not have the internet at home.  Even offline you have a Dropbox folder on your computer. Drag copies into your folder and Dropbox make updates to those files when you go back online. I see this as a must have for scholars and researchers.

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