An antique staddle tree at the Ben Schroeder Saddletree Factory

In this episode we talk with  historic preservationist John Staicer, who helped save the last 19th century saddletree factory in the United States. John not only helped place this vernacular treasure of Madison, Indiana  on the National Register Historic District, but he and several other professionals and volunteers worked to maintain the site as much like it was when the operation shut down in 1972. In our program we will talk about the Ben Schroeder Saddletree Company, which produced wooden frames for saddle makers throughout the United States and Latin America by the 1000’s. We will also discuss how John researched the factory’s production process as well as the  above ground archaeological methods used to better understand this site where artisans worked. If you are interested in a hands on approach to researching history this podcast will be right up your alley.

Host: Jon Kay
Guests: John Stacier (
Music: Martin Simpson (
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