In this episode we talk with folklorist Joey Brackner, the manager of the Alabama Arts Council’s Folklife Program and the Director of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture. He co-produced “Unbroken Tradition” a documentary on Alabama folk potter, Jerry Brown, which Brackner produced with Appalshop. A native of Fairfield, Alabama, he recently authored Alabama Folk Pottery, a book that traces Alabama’s historic pottery making traditions and explores the mixing of various ethnic and regional styles, which produced the diverse and dynamic stoneware traditions of that state. The book is the culmination of more than 20 years of research, and employs the skills and techniques of genealogy, archaeology and oral history. We will also visit the archive and hear Muncie instrument maker Eli Jackson talk about how he learned to build folk instruments.
Host: Jon Kay
Guests: Joey Brackner (; Eli Jackson
Music: Martin Simpson (

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