George Lucas a Cambrige City, Indiana model train maker and his grandson.

Welcome to the pilot episode of Artisan Ancestors. I think we have an interesting program for you today. In our feature segment,  I will be talking with Geoff Davis, a third generation ukulele player, and discuss how he discovered and researched Indiana’s lost history of ukulele building tradition. Also, in today’s program we will hear about a model train builder in the 1920s, who converted his day job into a hobby of miniatures when he retired in 1927. In addition, I will review a wonderful book about a Pueblo potter and the revival of a tradition that her life spawned.  That is what we have in store for you on Episode One of Artisan Ancestors.
Jon Kay, Host
Theme Music by Martin Simpson (
Guest: Geoff Davis, Noblesville, IN (

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  1. Gail says:

    Loved the first episode! But then, it involved trains and Geoff Davis, so how could it be anything but great.

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